Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In Love with a French General

I can't even tell you how much I love French General fabric. Almost all of it. Kaari Meng is the designer, based in Los Angeles.  The pallette, the designs, even the names of the fabric lines are so special to me.
I have a bunch of cuts that I can barely use I love them so much. (I know quilters understand what I mean there!) But I bit the bullet and made these...

Sachets of French lavender in French General fleur de lis

Every time I arrange my prints - and I do that a lot, laying them out side by side, I change my mind and get them all  mixed up again. One day they will speak to me in a collective voice and I will know exactly what to do with them on a larger scale but for now, I just cherish them.

Yes, it's a bad case but it makes me so happy!! Spoken like a true addict, eh?

Do you have a fabric line or manufacturer that you just love like this? 

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