Thursday, August 15, 2013

Flag Finishes for Lac-Megantic

Edited Aug 17:

 I mailed these today.

First, I made the one that is second from the right - *then* read the directions more closely. I accidentally put batting into it where none is the requirement. Heh.
I was very happy to find a good way to use some of the quilt top I made with Aviary fabric awhile ago for the 3 other flags. Machined appliqued a batik heart on each one.
The backs of the flags are the same colour as the acidy-green ties. The outline of the hearts shows up nicely on the back too. Forgot to take a picture of them...

Original post:

Today I can report 4 finishes.

Similar to the To Boston With Love project, banner flags are being made to send to the Quebec town that was so horribly devastated by the railway accident a month ago.
Flags are being collected by [ ], a sewing store in Laval.
Note: The deadline is  Saturday August 24th.  (I erred in a previous mention.)
They hope to have a display hung sometime in September.
I'll upload the pictures of my flags later; just wanted to add this link now, since I am a little late to the sew-in.