Thursday, October 17, 2013

Always get 3 Estimates, darling

But first....coming soon to
quilter's mug rugs made from selvedge edges.

Your Public Service Announcement for today....
Bit the bullet and shelled out for a new exhaust system. (See preceding post about muffler troubles)
My (very old but otherwise fit) car once again runs smoothly and quietly.
I only mention this to urge you to always get at least 3 estimates for expensive car repairs. There was a two thousand dollar difference, folks. Not  $200 but   $2000. Outrageous.
The best value was also the most convenient.
Same thing happened with a house repair I needed done. 3 Estimates. A 100% difference in the quotes. Again the best value was the most local.

Now. If only I still had a beautiful local quilt shop!! This is why I need my car most of all - to run hither and yon, coveting fabric, rulers, thread and sewing machines....And to visit my beautiful family of course.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One Baby is Two, One Baby is Coming Soon

Here's a little quilt I made for my soon-to-arrive first grandson.

Maybe this is called 9 squares, or divided 9 patch. Just squares separated by sashing. I got this fabric a few moons ago at the late and great Dragonfly Fabrics. I still really miss that lovely shop, the beautiful stock, the store lay-out, the classes and always seeing Linda Doyle and Sherry there.

Back here in the present, he's due in mid-November. :)

His Big Sister turned 2 over the weekend. The Sesame Street themed family party - 8 adults, 5 kids - was filled with Pure joy. Another party is coming this weekend with her friends who understandably couldn't make it on her actual birth day which was on Thanksgiving Sunday. 
It was beautiful weather for a long distance drive but the muffler needed a temporary repair along the way...yeah, you probably heard us driving by!