Friday, May 17, 2013

OVQG Festival of Quillts May 2013

First Set of treasures from my photos of the Ottawa Valley Quilter's Guild Festival of Quilts held on Mother's Day weekend in Ottawa. Strangely enough, they all feature amazing applique work which I don't do at all.
(Edited: June 9 to add another name)
(Edited May 20 to add 2 new larger views)

Like this traditional but fresh Double Wedding Ring. It was a huge bed quilt. (If there are no names attached to some of the following pictures it's because I didn't write them down and the OVQG website has not yet put pictures up. When they do, everyone will be attributed here.)

I loved this beautiful applique wall hanging. The red-orange batik is so vivid and so perfect with the cream.This was all hand-pieced and hand quilted by Lynda Smyth. It won 4 ribbons.  It was fresh and modern without being minimalist.Not sure if I got a full photo or just detail shots like border! The name of the quilt is Sunset Rose.

I found a larger view ; still not the whole quilt but so gorgeous.

This huge star quilt was composed with Kaffe Fassett fabrics on a background with tiny blue dots. I believe this is the winning large bed quilt - Garden Flowers by Brenda Davidson Payer.

Close-up of the applique block on the lower left.

And this was among my favourites. It's just fun, friendly and fresh. I t's by Evelyne Power and won a Viewer's Choice ribbon. The pattern is called Love Birds, designed by Don't Look Now.

A close-up of the right hand center panel gives a better idea of  the intricacy of the machine quilting by Jan Kittle and the joy in the applique piecing. 

You can visit the  OVQG website  for a full list of winners.

all photos (c) 2013 Susan Beyer. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013


This will now be my quilting/fabric blog.

What makes more sense than to name it after the all-purpose childhood nickname (that  all girls named Susan get)...but SusieQ was taken. And many variations thereof.

So the name to bookmark is:

I started quilting in 2009, I think.
Photos of some of my earliest stuff can be found here.
You'll see some of the baby quilts I made for the Ottawa Valley Quilter's Guild when I was a member there for a few years and a quilt that was exhibited in their last  show in 2011. I dropped out for a number of reasons and wasn't sewing too much.
And yet, I am pleased to say that I was able to inspire at least one very good and natural quilter - my daughter. :)
Her blog And Sew Forth is [ here ]
The arrival of her first child has put her quilting on hold for awhile, after she made a batch of quilts and blankets for the little one.

The good news is that I am re-inspired on the quilting front after going to the
 OVQG's Festival of Quilts on Mother's Day weekend. My logo above shows a fdew of my most recent mug rugs, soon to be available at [ my etsy store ]
This time, it was nice to go merely as an interested observer...and shopper!

The bad news which I knew before the weekend is that my favourite closest local quilt shop Dragonfly Fabrics is closing at the end of May. Owner Linda Doyle feels it's time to move on and so she is.
It was Dragonfly that made a quilter out of me. I didn't even know what a fat quarter was when I first walked in to the bright, clean, open space filled with wonderful colours and patterns. I took a number of classes there too. It's where I learned free motion quilting, and lived to tell the tale. Made tumbling blocks, did elementary paper piecing (pass), more advanced paper piecing (fail), tried to do a photo-realistic poppy - made 1/4 of it, was done.

Meanwhile, back the quilt show it was great seeing a bunch of  people that I know now from my first rush in to quilting. That including Sue Shute from the Quilting Quarters in Almonte. She  and the store are the only Canadian store currently featured in the Better Homes Shop Hop issue. Richly deserved.

Photos from the OVQG quilt show to come.