Thursday, October 17, 2013

Always get 3 Estimates, darling

But first....coming soon to
quilter's mug rugs made from selvedge edges.

Your Public Service Announcement for today....
Bit the bullet and shelled out for a new exhaust system. (See preceding post about muffler troubles)
My (very old but otherwise fit) car once again runs smoothly and quietly.
I only mention this to urge you to always get at least 3 estimates for expensive car repairs. There was a two thousand dollar difference, folks. Not  $200 but   $2000. Outrageous.
The best value was also the most convenient.
Same thing happened with a house repair I needed done. 3 Estimates. A 100% difference in the quotes. Again the best value was the most local.

Now. If only I still had a beautiful local quilt shop!! This is why I need my car most of all - to run hither and yon, coveting fabric, rulers, thread and sewing machines....And to visit my beautiful family of course.

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