Monday, March 23, 2015

Round, round, get around

In my new wheels, in my new city, I was able to find two great fabric stores in Kingston ( 2 so far...)

The first was Stitch By Stitch - a huge quilter's/sewing paradise recently moved to new quarters on Days Road at Bath Road. Lots of friendly quilty feeling there. Chatting with other customers, checking out the classes offered. I shall return.

The second - and don't laugh, Ottawa folks - was Fabricland in the same neck of the woods, in Gardiner's Town Centre, corner of Bath Road. This Fabricland in Kingston is the cleanest, brightest, best organized Fabricland I have ever seen.This one's a delight. Large quilting cotton section though I always get distracted by the huge array of other material there...

Oh and here's my new car that's taking me places I really like going.


I got the hatchback.
In red.
Venetian Red.

I am in love with it, for real. In love. With a car.
Just like a boy!

PS: Nobody paid me to say any of this.

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