Monday, March 23, 2015

Round, round, get around

In my new wheels, in my new city, I was able to find two great fabric stores in Kingston ( 2 so far...)

The first was Stitch By Stitch - a huge quilter's/sewing paradise recently moved to new quarters on Days Road at Bath Road. Lots of friendly quilty feeling there. Chatting with other customers, checking out the classes offered. I shall return.

The second - and don't laugh, Ottawa folks - was Fabricland in the same neck of the woods, in Gardiner's Town Centre, corner of Bath Road. This Fabricland in Kingston is the cleanest, brightest, best organized Fabricland I have ever seen.This one's a delight. Large quilting cotton section though I always get distracted by the huge array of other material there...

Oh and here's my new car that's taking me places I really like going.


I got the hatchback.
In red.
Venetian Red.

I am in love with it, for real. In love. With a car.
Just like a boy!

PS: Nobody paid me to say any of this.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Writing and Packing

Well it's been awhile.
A year of big changes, still underway.
I'm in the process of selling house and moving forward.
I stopped quilting/sewing last March as I began writing again with a lot of new found energy. It's been great.
Also secured the services of  a super declutter maven who helped me clear the chi and get the house ready for sale. We ended up making a dedicated sewing room, where I cannot sew lest I mess it up! Have to stay neat for the Showings.
I guess I hoped the house would be "sold in 4 days, above asking!", as some of the real estate flyers I get boast. Two weeks isn't long but it feels like so much longer when you are ready to leave and don't know yet where you'll be when the - ack! - snow flies.
So that's what's been happening here.
I still browse quilts and quilt blogs and wave to those who pop in here from time to time.
I've put my studiozuzu etsy store on hold for the time being but the digital store, is still open, with instant printable downloads, including a Hallowe'en sheet and some Sherlock bookmarks.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just had to show you...

My mugs with mug rug in taupe Bluebird Park bicycle print

...a quartet of my mugs in real life, with one of my mug rugs underneath them!
Happy with the promise of Free Shipping, I ordered 4 of my own mugs from [ my society6 store ] to see how they'd turn out.
They shipped them in a huge box with lots of Big Bubble air wrap. The packaging was great!
And the finished product makes me very happy!

The Blue Sun on same mug rug flipped to Amy Butler side

But a lesson for cross-border orders: the Free Shipping came with a COD demand at the door - for the Taxes, plus a Fee from the shipping company to remit the taxes. The kicker is : the Fee was higher than the Taxes.

The quality of the mugs is excellent and the printing was done very well but I sure wish we had a Canadian shipper for these.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


It's January - and we're about to enter another round of deep-freeze weather - but for me it's time to think about Spring imagery. 
Like this little applique pattern from a magazine a few seasons ago.

I cut the paper pattern from the magazine then  traced it onto plastic sheet bought at a dollar store to make a sturdy reusable template. Careful scissorhands are needed to cut a smooth outline.
I sometimes also make templates using relatively firm interfacing, which is much easier to cut smoothly.

Once I actually make something with this template, I'll show ya!
I'm spending much of my time doing digital graphic design for my society6 storefront but haven't forgot about needles and threads and fabric. Will need to get "tangible" again soon.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Do you Pin?

I've had a Pinterest account for awhile though rarely pinned, but have lately re-animated it.

My quilting board is :
[ Here ]

I follow back.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What time is it?

Downton Time!
Downton Returns to North America Day. Excuse me while I wash my hair and brew the tea.

Even though I love the show, I'm not sure how I will like the new season. I expect this first episode to be a little grim for a stretch. Have tried to stay spoiler-free but have learned a few plot points, one of which I cheer (on tonight's show), one of which I jeer (coming in a few episodes). We'll see how well the (many!) new actors can fill the gaps of departed characters and story lines. And be alert for story lines that are not integral but sensational.