Saturday, October 4, 2014

Writing and Packing

Well it's been awhile.
A year of big changes, still underway.
I'm in the process of selling house and moving forward.
I stopped quilting/sewing last March as I began writing again with a lot of new found energy. It's been great.
Also secured the services of  a super declutter maven who helped me clear the chi and get the house ready for sale. We ended up making a dedicated sewing room, where I cannot sew lest I mess it up! Have to stay neat for the Showings.
I guess I hoped the house would be "sold in 4 days, above asking!", as some of the real estate flyers I get boast. Two weeks isn't long but it feels like so much longer when you are ready to leave and don't know yet where you'll be when the - ack! - snow flies.
So that's what's been happening here.
I still browse quilts and quilt blogs and wave to those who pop in here from time to time.
I've put my studiozuzu etsy store on hold for the time being but the digital store, is still open, with instant printable downloads, including a Hallowe'en sheet and some Sherlock bookmarks.