Thursday, September 12, 2013


No, we're not "over" quilting, as in finished.
Especially now that researchers in Scotland have found that quilting has health benefits that exercise can't give you - : D.
I mean "over-quilting", as in - to my own taste - over-doing it on one piece.

I see some amazing things, many  truly accomplished and spectacular  but I am also baffled by super heavily quilted pieces.
I always wonder - why?
I guess that's a silly question - one could ask Why? about all kinds of art. Maybe being Amazing is the sum total answer to Why.
Someone else might rightfully ask- Why Not?

But as for me,  minimalism is cool.

This is a finished snack mat/mug rug.
It is not "waiting to be quilted"; it is quilted, with an outline and 2 straight lines.I consider it  Done.
(The only other thing I might do here is some straight line stitching horizontally in the border fabric.
But not between every line.)  lol

If , like me, you quilt for fun, satisfaction, relaxation, and small (very small) profit, life is too short! I have a pretty hefty stash to plough through!!
I just want to make things. Lots of things. 
My rallying cry is: "Go to your studio and Make Something" .
Right now.
So - catch you later. 

But do weigh in with your own thoughts on the subject of over-quilting.


  1. Well said and I agree 100%. I just recently purchased a long arm quilt machine and I'm going to vow to have fun and not stress out. Simple is a good thing!!

  2. Hey JaNeanne - thanks for commenting and congrats on the new machine! What great fun that will be.