Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy happy joy joy

Well, sooner than we grandson arrived safely this morning at 6 a.m.
 Everything is  A-ok. :)
My daughter again delivered with  no interventions.  Awe-inspiring, that woman.
All of them - Mother, Father, first daughter and new son are doing well and all catching some shut-eye.

We came down yesterday to help out and bring things for my extended stay. Little did we realize that the stay would start now. He was due Nov. 17.

Very relieved, very happy, very thankful that all went well.
New big sister was puzzled that her parents weren't home this morning but not worried. She was so sweet at the hospital too though she got a bit over-tired.

I will sleep well tonight, recalling the beautiful sight of my radiant daughter cuddling with her 2 children in the hospital bed.

It's a wonderful life.


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    1. Thank you, MR :) He's already gained a whole pound!