Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Waiting for Downton

Yes, I'm hooked. I've already replayed the 3 dvd's multiple times, though can't really watch the ending of the last episode. The 4th season starts in January but here's some fab fun stuff I found on etsy in a shop called   toadbriar .

                                                   Mrs. Patmore the Persian Cat.
                                                   [ Kim Parkhurst ] is the artist.

She has a section of her shop called  [ Houndton Tabby ] with more amazing animal likenesses of the main characters, 13 in all. They make you pause. I think she got most of them - actually ALL- just right.
Especially ole blue eyes Matthew Crawley. And Anna and Bates. Carson, Lady Mary...and of course the Dowager Lady Violet.


  1. I have not watched Downton Abby yet but several of my friends are devotees...I am very tempted. Maybe I should have a marathon over the holidays...

  2. Sounds like a plan :) Sadly, there are no pugs involved - as of yet...