Friday, June 14, 2013

Translate the Translations and a Promise

I put the Translate box on this blog because I appreciated it in the past on other blogs I've visited.

But, having read some "translations" of other blogs yesterday and today, let me just say "Sorry" in advance for anything you may read here in translation.

Some translations were  funny - such as "pave the straight seam"; others were totally messed up and made no sense at all.

Why can't Google do a better job with translations? I do not know.

I Promise - for any projects I show in the future, I will use more photos and fewer words.

A bientot. 
Bye for now.

P.s. - To be fair - I just translated this post into French, which I can read especially if I know what it's supposed to say :) - it wasn't perfect but I could certainly understand all of it; and into Italian - which I can only barely read - but it looked OK. 

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